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Why and How Should I Do My Loan Calculations

Taking a loan certainly requires a good deal of consideration. Planning is important for you to anticipate and understand how far your financial capacity goes before applying for the loan. Choosing a serious company is part of that planning, especially when it comes to pre-contract calculations so you do not get caught off guard with those extra costs like “masked” contract fees.

Why calculate loan installments?


No matter how much the experts say that one should not reserve more than a third of the monthly income for the payment of debts, not always the portion of the loan allows to stay inside that limit that would be more comfortable to the consumer.

With interest rates, Total Cost Effective – CET and even a possible fine in case of delay, the installment may be well above the contractor’s initial thought.

Do all the calculations, always see the Total Effective Cost -CET so as not to be caught off guard by extra charges and give preference to transparent companies.

How to get discount on the parcels?


When you borrow money from a financial institution, you end up paying the interest rate on a monthly basis in your installments, but if you pay off the debt, that is, advance the installments, you reduce the interest on the installments later. significantly lower the

As a rule, interest is calculated based on the Selic rate, which is the basic interest rate defined by the Central Bank. Since it can change from month to month, which can be lowered or increased, it does not make much sense to pay the same interest rate based on a value that no longer exists, although a projected Selic average is calculated for the plots

So the tip is this: to get a discount on the installments, it’s best to anticipate some installments, especially when the Selic is up because the discount may be even bigger!

Anticipate! So you can have a few months of peace of mind.

How to anticipate the payment of installments?

How to anticipate the payment of installments?

First step is to get in touch with the financial institution. For example Good lender counts on a highly qualified team that attends from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday on 0800 591 5055 or by the service @ Oliver Twist, they are prepared to assist you in any situation, including in anticipation of your plots.

All financial institutions, regardless of the type of loan, are obliged to receive the advance payment and to discount interest on the next installments. Talk to the experts at Good lender.

The prepayment of the installments of a loan may be very advantageous. Often, when we receive extra money, you run the risk of spending it on unnecessary purchases. The safest, from the financial point of view, will always be the settlement of your previous debts!

Look for financial institutions that present the information in a clear and transparent way and escape the hidden fees. Amortize your debt, reduce installments, so it is possible to have a few months of peace of mind with the “financial relief” provided by the reduction of the installments.

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