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Microloans take financially literate people

Refuted the belief that microloans are taken by people with low financial literacy and low income. Having conducted the research, it turned out that the majority of MFO clients are employed people or individual entrepreneurs who have a regular income of about 30 thousand rubles.

Specialists of one popular microfinance company 


The average client of a microfinance organization is an unmarried 29-year-old man with a university degree who works in an organization or runs his own business. With the level of wages an average of 35 thousand rubles.

Microloans are taken by people working in various fields of activity, with different positions. This fact allows us to conclude that the financial literacy of Russians applying for loans in MFIs is increasing – people have begun to better understand the effectiveness and benefits of all types of lending and microfinance as well.

Of course, among all MFI borrowers


There are those that have the opportunity to take out a loan in a bank, but at the same time, they still take a microloan because of its ease and speed of receipt.

Even a steadily working person can have a sharp need for a small amount of money before a salary.

Today, many already understand the need for microfinance organizations in the lending market.



They also stop comparing their services with those of banks. Therefore, there is no reason to say that bank customers are switching to MFIs, rather, it’s about raising the need for microloans among the population.

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